Past Projects

1. Researching the world’s non-governmental-organizations working in the field of Clean Water and Sanitation. We created a database of direct-effect organizations, and identified key leverage opportunities for grantmaking foundations and concerned individuals.

2. Publishing a report analyzing Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in 2004. We identified the world’s 600+ retail mutual funds that screen portfolios against non-financial criteria, examined current portfolio practices and fund allocation, and made five specific recommendations for improving industry practices.

3. Creating ResponsibleInvesting.org, a public education website containing complete equity holdings and screening categories of SRI mutual funds in the US and Canada. We collected and catalogued fund information, published the database online, and enabled visitors to view the distribution of their investments in order to make more informed decisions.

4. In January 2005, along with local and global volunteers, we began creating WiserEarth (that later became Wiser.org), the first open source, community editable online database to identify and connect the hundreds of thousands of organizations and individuals throughout the world comprising sustainable civil society. (2005 – 2014)

5. In summer 2005, we launched our Corporate Accountability Program, providing direct consultation and guidance to the top tier of corporate management in order to bring awareness of the true social and environmental costs of corporate activities, motivate leaders to account for these costs, and facilitate the implementation of the systemic tools necessary to do so.

6. In fall 2006 Interra Project became a fiscally sponsored project of NCI for 3 years. Its mission is to empower a community based movement of citizen consumers by providing tools for a direct alignment between daily economic activities and our deepest human values. NCI and Interra were co-sponsors of the WiserCommons: a network of contributors creating a common resource of sustainability-focused information.

7. In winter 2007, we brought in dotOrganize as a fiscally sponsored project for 1 year. DotOrganize is tackling the challenge of “tools integration” on civil society’s behalf, by helping the marketplace of databases and online organizing tools work together more effectively to meet organizers’ needs.

8. In winter 2008, we brought in Green For All as a fiscally sponsored project for one and a half years. Green For All is a national organization working to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. They got their 501c3 status in April 2009.

9. In April 2007, Natural Capital Institute launched WiserEarth. The platform has grown significantly from those early days from 23,000 visits/mth, 15,000 unique visitors, just over 100,000 organizations and a few thousand people to 113,423, 57,800 members
As of January 2011, Natural Capital Insitute was renamed WiserEarth.

10. As of April 2012, the main program of the nonprofit, WiserEarth.org was renamed Wiser.org, but the nonprofit that runs the Wiser.org platform retained the name WiserEarth.

11. In 2012, WiserEarth added a new program called WiserGiving – making smart philanthrophy simple.

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